About Us


Hey Sistas, let me introduce you to Sis 2 Sistas a t-Shirt and accessories brand that celebrates the strength, love, beauty, resilience and success of women and girls of color,  while building a sisterhood that encourages self-love and support and uplifting of one another.

When I first think of the word Sista, I often think of my mom and grandmother. They are resilient, classy, strong, loving, beautiful, successful, uplifting and supportive. They embody the many challenges as well as joys that come with being a woman of color.  They sat me down and educated me on the history of black woman and the many struggles we had and continue to endure.  They also taught me how to love myself, hold my head up and embrace being a woman of color.  They made me the woman I am today.

I was never blessed with biological sisters but God has truly blessed me with several women I consider as my Sistas.  They have loved me, uplifted me, supported me and held me down during the best and the worst times in my life.

Being a mom of two daughters, I want to teach them the same morals that was instilled in me; while teaching them not only self love, self-worth, determination and self-respect but also to love and support their fellow Sistas.  We must embed in our younger generation, ourselves and our Sistas that we are enough, we are strong, we are worthy and we are beautiful.

With Sis 2 Sistas, I envision a brand that women and girls of color can relate to.  Items that uplift, support, encourage and remind us of how beautiful and unique we are. A brand that symbolizes the many diversities within our culture, while celebrating each and every one of us.

To all my Sistas; whether your a mom, a daughter, a sister, a aunt, a cousin, a god mother, a niece, a grandmother, a friend,a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a student, rich, poor, sick,or well; Regardless of your current level in life, I want you to know that I see you, you’re beautiful and you are worthy to be celebrated.

By supporting Sis 2 Sistas, you stand with me and every female of color and say I love you Sis, I see you sis, I support you sis and I’ll uplift you sis.  We all may not have royalty status but we are all worthy of a crown.  As one you are a sis, but together we are Sistas.


                                  Sis 2 Sistas

             “Celebrate, Love, Support & Uplift”